Jesters In Action – Street Team for the Laughing Revolution

Jesters In Action – Street Team for the Laughing Revolution

Proud Americans Misbehaving in the Name of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Become a Jester in Action and join a community of playful activists who are passionate about making a difference, and who have serious fun in the process! Laughing Revolution Headquarters designs and issues Missions that outline “real world” adventures that are fun, provocative and also educate and inspire social change. Jesters engage publicly in attention-grabbing behavior, capture their escapades on video and the Laughing Revolution team handles the editing and distribution.

Our first mission was Vegans Behaving Badly.  The goal was to enroll a restaurant to use a vegan meat product in one of their regular menu items.  Watch our Social Jester as he convinces the famous Kahuku Shrimp trucks on the North Shore of Oahu to cook up his vegan shrimp in their special yummy sauce.


The Masked Hero – Wear a superhero costume and pass out printed information about the social cause of your choice, and engage people in conversation.
Spontaneous Flash Mob – Head out to a busy mall and see how many people you can enroll in doing a flash mob whose purpose is to raise awareness about GMOs.
Service with a Smile – Feed homeless folks fresh cooked, organic, vegetarian fare and ask them what they like about it.
Performance Art in the Park – We provide the script for a short performance piece you will present on a street corner, in a park or other public place – which includes interviewing the audience as part of the “show.”
Invasion of the Media Mobile – Drive a car with huge signs, audio and a TV screen showing footage from your favorite activist movie.
Responsible Vandalism – Go out and “deface” advertising using peel off stickers, washable paint, balloons with messages or put your alternate message nearby using chalk on the ground.
Amateur on the Loose – Take part in an Open Mic, Karaoke Night, Talent Show or even give a speech at Toastmaster’s.  Use content with eco-sustainability themes.
Food Demo from Hell – Set up a food booth and make a dish that features all the gross FDA approved crap that is allowed in packaged food.

A Day at the Ball Park – Go as a vendor and sell people vegan hotdogs, capture their reactions – and then refund their money.

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