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Laughing Revolution TV – The Give A Shit Foundation

Listen in on an afternoon at the Give A Shit Foundation, an organization committed to get Americans to pledge to care about social and environmental issues.  Lucy, an eager volunteer making calls, struggles to inspire a complacent housewife to feel passionate about something – anything – that will make the world a better place.

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Laughing Revolution TV – Dinner at Chez Madness

Upper class ladies Bernadette and Laura go out for lunch at a fancy restaurant.  After some idle chatter revealing their excessive lifestyle, they have an eye-opening encounter with their waiter Roger who graphically, and hyper-exuberantly, reveals to them the real nature of the farming and ranching practices behind the items on the menu.  Vegans will love this one.  

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Jesters In Action – Street Team for the Laughing Revolution

Proud Americans Misbehaving in the Name of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Become a Jester in Action and join a community of playful activists who are passionate about making a difference, and who have serious fun in the process! Laughing Revolution Headquarters designs and issues Missions that outline “real world” adventures that are fun, provocative and also educate and

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Laughing Revolution TV – Visit to the Dietitian

Concerned wife and mother Violet visits a “health professional” in hopes of learning good nutritional practices.  She meets Brenda, a dietitian who embodies the values of the profit-driven food industry that is prevalent in the United States.  Violet innocently asks questions about how to improve the health of herself and her family and is quite shocked by the FDA approved

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The Launch of The Laughing Revolution

USING HUMOR AS A TOOL FOR SOCIAL ACTION The human race has one really effective weapon, AND THAT IS LAUGHTER.     – Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Are you ready for positive change but feel discouraged when you focus on all the problems?  Want a new approach?  If so, The Laughing Revolution wants YOU!  We are recruiting an army of Everyday Heroes

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