The Launch of The Laughing Revolution

The Launch of The Laughing Revolution


The human race has one really effective weapon, AND THAT IS LAUGHTER.  
  – Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
LR Long GraphicAre you ready for positive change but feel discouraged when you focus on all the problems?  Want a new approach?  If so, The Laughing Revolution wants YOU!  We are recruiting an army of Everyday Heroes to playfully educate the world about solutions.  We are passionate about making a difference, and about having serious fun in the process!

The Laughing Revolution is a family of multi-media resources that use humor as a tool to inspire positive social action and activate new social attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a healthy planet.

We have four main media areas:

  • Web-based Comedy TV
  • Comics
  • Jesters In Action Street Team
  • Stand-Up Comedy
In the tradition of our ancestors, we invite you to playfully rise up for a better world!

Become a Social Jester, and help us poke fun at the Status Woe!

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