Keiki Voices Video Production Skills Workshops for Youth

Girl With CameraImagine your students fully engaged in video media projects that prepare them for success in today’s digital world!  Keiki Voices delivers an inspiring learning environment.  Students will increase self-confidence and discover a powerful way to communicate as they develop, write, storyboard, direct, act, shoot and edit their own video!  We believe our youth have something important to say and design customized workshops to show them how to use video media to share their message with everyone.

Students gain social and academic skills:
Critical Thinking – Analyze Impact of Visual Media – Writing Techniques – Adapt Message to Audience – Performance & Presentation Strategies – Research and Investigation – Time Management and Planning – Teamwork and Collaboration

Keiki Voices workshops are completely customized to the educational goals of each school or youth organization.   The skills taught reinforce the standards-based core curriculum and GLOs, especially for: Language Arts,  Writing, Public Speaking, and Media Literacy.   

Students will learn technical skills (using different types of digital cameras, microphones, and lighting) but even more importantly, they will learn the art of visual storytelling, including: identifying the target audience,  developing a message that will inspire them, designing storyboards. writing scripts, how to frame shots for emotional impact, how music can effect the story, how to direct actors, how to conduct interviews to get the best from the person, and how to collaborate as a team to get a project done.

Example projects include:  “How-To” Instructional, Interviews, Historical Dramatization, Public Service Announcement (PSAs), Commercials, News Reports, Science Experiments, Visual Representation of a poem or art piece,  Book Reviews, Promotions for a school club, and many more!


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One comment on “Keiki Voices Video Production Skills Workshops for Youth
  1. Ela Whitman says:

    From what age can a child enjoy this program? where can I visit you for more information?

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