Hawaii State Senate Honors Joy Waters with Certificate

At VegFest Oahu on September 24, 2016, the successful event closed with Senator Mike Gabbard presenting Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu’s Producer, with a Certificate of Honor from the Hawaii State Senate. The framed declaration expressed appreciation for all the worthwhile community projects she has created.

The Certificate reads as follows:
State of Hawaii Seal
The Senate
Honoring and Congratulating

“If you want to feel inspired, you’ve come to the right person,
Because when you’re inspired, the world gets better for all of us.”

Joy Waters’ name suits her perfectly. She exudes happiness, hopefulness, inspiration and good health. Her heartfelt energy is fluid and flows according to where she sees a need; whether it’s producing uplifting media, feeding the homeless, reaching out to at-risk kids, up cycling clothing, or teaching people the benefits of eating a plant-based diet – Joy Waters does it all!

Ms. Waters’ mission in life is to be a relentless optimist and inspire people to be enthused and engaged citizens. Her passion is creating life-changing media content and events. Ms. Waters is the entrepreneur behind Positive Media Hawaii, which produces useful web videos, orchestrates community events, designs inspirational workshops, and consults on media strategy. She teaches video production skills to youth. as well as encouraging them to be healthy. Her program, Keiki Voices, engages students in media projects that prepare them for success in today’s digital world.

Ms. Waters is also an advocate for reducing our clothing footprint on the planet by upcycling, the re-fashioning of existing clothes into something more fashionable and functional instead of buying new. A vegan foodie and long-time advocate for plant-based living, she produced the TV show, Tasty and Meatless, long before Hawaii had it’s first vegetarian restaurant. She has joyfully shared vegetarian food and love with the homeless in Honolulu for over 10 years with another one of her projects, Street Angels Hawaii.

Ms. Waters is the organizer of The Oahu Vegan Meetup and Group Leader of the Honolulu PlantPurePod. She decided to produce VegFest Oahu because she believes the event will strengthen the local, plant-based community and be the tipping point towards more sustainable local perspectives.

The Hawaii State Senate hereby honors and congratulates Joy Waters. Mahalo for sharing your aloha with our community and the world. Your efforts to inspire more positivity through inspiring media, engaging our keiki in worthwhile projects, and teaching people about ‘ono plant-based foods through the VegFest are truly appreciated. Our world needs more optimism, good will, and simple, natural foods. Mahalo for your inspiration, Joy!

The 28th Legislature Certificate No. 1391
Signed by 12 Hawaii State Senators

State Senator Mike Gabbard with VegFest Oahu Producer, Joy Waters, and VegFest Oahu Director, Michael Wall.

State Senator Mike Gabbard with VegFest Oahu Producer, Joy Waters, and VegFest Oahu Director, Michael Wall.

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