Natural Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning and Body Care Products

Natural Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning and Body Care Products

Still Toxic ProductsWant to know the difference between natural soap versus detergents on your skin? Looking for a reason why you’re so fatigued or have that strange rash under your arms?  In this video, you will learn about the toxic chemicals used in mainstream cleaning supplies and body care products and some healthy natural alternatives you can try.

Oftentimes people are sensitive to chemicals in cleaning supplies and beauty supplies that they don’t realize.  Chronic, long term exposure can cause rashes, headaches, memory loss and other problems.  Everything you put on your skin and hair gets absorbed directly into your blood stream.

Natural products are also healthier for the environment as well.  If every person in America bought Seventh Generation dish soap, which is vegetable based, rather than their usual petroleum based product, we would save enough oil to heat 7000 homes for an entire year!  Phosphates in laundry detergents not only pollute our rivers but are the number one cause of childhood poisoning!

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